Leader Company in Metalworking

We combine our experience in the metal sector with technological innovation; we constantly update the working methods; we aim to satisfy, day after day, the demands of the modern national and international market. Our company is divided into three large sectors, each of which employs highly qualified technicians, workshops with high production capacity and quality certifications of the works that make us a leading company in the metalworking sector.

  •  Metal structures and tanks in carbon steel and stainless steel
  •  Purification plants, biogas plants and plants for the disposal of municipal waste.
  •  Metal service center for the construction of semi-finished products for third parties.

The company is made up of technicians with a know-how that has a history spanning more than 40 years. It was born in the south of Italy and houses both the design office and the workshops for the production of semi-finished and finished products in its headquarters.

Ingegnere Agostino Montalbano

General Manager

Inizia nel 1979 la sua carriera di Progettista e Costruttore di capannoni industriali e serbatoi in acciaio inox per il settore enologico. Con oltre 40 anni di esperienza nel settore, oggi è direttore generale, supervisore delle pratiche commerciali e responsabile del settore produttivo.

Ingegnere Patrizia Montalbano

Amministratore Delegato

Laureata in ingegneria chimica all’Università degli studi di Palermo, gestisce dal 2005 il settore delle energie rinnovabili. Progettista di strutture metalliche ed impianti per la trasformazione dei rifiuti in Energia, è anche Amministratore Delegato e responsabile della qualità del lavoro d’azienda.

Our workshop

ECOACCIAIO was born in 2019 from the passion of Engineer Patrizia Montalbano, now President of small Industry di Sicindustria of the province of Trapani.
She, a Sicilian woman, daughter of art, having obtained in 2005 her master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Palermo and her license to practice as an engineer, strong experience gained in the field in project management and executive development in the engineering field, coordinator of complex structures of human resources and expert in the management of qualification processes, decides to create her own company. The combination of experience, enhancement of human capital and great determination, today make Ecoacciaio a Small Business that looks to the future with great optimism.